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Wood Carving Handicraft at Bali Wood Carvings

Greetings from Bali

Welcome to Bali wood carvings online store, where you will find one of the largest selections of Bali wood handicrafts

We offer a fabulous range of products, most which stand for their art and brilliance. Large variety of wood carving includes abstract, animal, artistic, Buddha statues, flower, ganesha, garuda Vishnu, horses statues, hanuman, happy Buddha, human figure, mask, modern figure, relief wood carving, vases, and all handicraft

Bali wood carving handicraft specialize in only the highest quality genuine work from the very best of local artists. For wholesale buyers, we offer significant volume discounts on many of our items that bring the price down to very low wholesale level

Please check for our order info for more details

Wood carving handicraft from Bali , using very good materials of quality, some wood type among others, ebony, suar wood, mahony wood, albizia wood, crocodile wood, sandle wood, etc. Bali Wood Carvings Company, always major best service, we offer sale in wholesale and also at retail.

Process of woodcarving, from selection of materials till have been handled by people who very experienced

Allow some extra time for down loading, as we have provided you color images of our products. Please take some time to browse around our site
Our products are hand crafted; there may be minor variations in style, size or finish

  • No minimum order for retail product
  • All prices are Free On Board (FOB) shipping point and are mentioned in US dollars
  • For futher information please see order info

    We accept payments with major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. We also accept payments with Wire Transfer

    Note :
    Usually some taxes will apply when your order arrive in your country, but we can not inform you about this because there are some difference policies in some countries

Shipping time will depend on :
-The order quantity
-Availability of Stock
-Working days available for shipment
-Distances between your country to Indonesia

In case your LCL shipment is just a few wooden crates and doesn't fill a container, then it must wait at the port while the cargo company 'consolidates' your order with other small orders going to the same direction. That means your crates are on hold while the shipping company waits for enough orders to combine with yours and fill a container. We will give you up dated informations about this.The usual waiting time is 4 to 6 weeks

woodcarving Statue

Abstract woodcarving
Abstract woodcraft at Bali wood carving, very unique, good quality, we are woodworking from Bali, specialize in only the highest quality genuine work from the very best of local artists.

Animal woodcraft
Animal woodcarving from Bali , such bird carving, cat, deer, dragon, dinosaurs woodcrafts, horse statues, monkey, elephant, reptile and other animal wood carving. Original handmade by the best Balinese wood crafter

Buddha wooden statues
The Buddhist believed that placing a Buddha statue in their place will helps them obtain inner peace and inspires them to attain harmony and balance in their life. Our Balinese Buddha statue makes the ideal centerpiece to a devotional area, or a serene and beautiful addition to any room. They are carved from a single piece of wood with incredible detail and look absolutely stunning

Ganesha wooden statues
Ganesha the elephant God is one of the most popularly worshipped forms of divinity. He is the embodiment of good luck. He is considered to be the god of wisdom, prudence and prosperity. May Sri Ganesha bless you all! Our Balinese Ganesha wooden statues are carved from a single piece of wood with incredible detail and look absolutely stunning. Ganesha is the God of success and overcoming obstacles, but is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence, and power. As the god of success, his names are chanted at the start of any important venture. As the remover of obstacles, he is invoked at the start of every journey, marriage, religious rite, house construction, the writing of a book or even a letter. Ganesha, commonly known and easily recognized as the Elephant-God, is one of the most popular deities of the Hindu pantheon. Before every undertaking - be it laying of the foundation of a house, or opening of a shop or beginning any other work, blessings of Lord Ganesha are invoked by worshipping him first

Garuda sculpture
Our entire garuda sculpture, the garuda sculpture like garuda vishnu and other woodcraft from Bali, made by talented balinese wood carver. We specialize woodworking and only the highest quality genuine work, serve the best

Happy Buddha Statue

The Happy Buddha is also known as the Laughing Buddha. In Chinese tradition, the Happy Buddha represents joy and long life, and his string of coins signifies prosperity. Rubbing his tummy is said to bring good luck and fortune. A Happy Buddha figure adds an atmosphere of contentment and serenity to any home, whilst his cheerful disposition reminds us not to work too hard or become too greedy

Hanuman wooden statues
Hanuman the monkey god is worshipped forms of divinity as Hinduism God . He is the embodiment of devotion, dedication and strength. Hanuman will be highly pleased and will bless you with success in all your undertakings. Our Balinese Hanuman wooden statues are carved from a single piece of wood with detail and look absolutely stunning

Human sculpture
Our entire human sculpture, made by talented balinese wood carver. Original handmade by Balinese crafters

Kuan Yin Wooden statues
Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and is also the Protectors of Children. She may be shown either in a standing or in a sitting position. The small bump on her forehead and the bulge on the crown of her head are marks of enlightenment. In her hands, Kuan Yin may hold a willow branch, a nectar vase, or occasionally a lotus flower. We offer a variety of lovely Balinese Kuan Yin statuary, some with dragon at her feet. Beautifully made with incredible detail as you can see

Primitive Sculpture
Primitive sculpture at Bali wood carving, the best quality, Original handmade by the best crafter

Rama and Sita
Rama and Sita gaze at one another with devotion, leaning close to hear each others. They are the embodiment of pure love transcending all forms of evil and hardships. Ebony and other woods are used to create this marvelous home or office decorations

Saraswati wood carving
Unique sarawati wood carving at Bali wood carvings, our entire sale in wholesale and also at retail. The material of saraswati sculpture like suar wood, mahony wood, albizia wood, crocodile wood, sandle wood, etc

High quality and serve the best !!

There are many wood carving company sell similar products, but Bali wood carvings offers you something different. Service is very important thing to us; we provide the top quality of service because satisfaction of our valuable costumer is our goal. With very affordable price you can get very high quality products from us.

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